Bardassone S.r.l. over the years has gained a considerable experience and a great technical background that today allow to produce parts and mechanical components turned from the brass bar with high precision, satisfying the most varied and specific requests.

This long and continuous business activity has in fact generated a great wealth of knowledge, experience and notions that is fundamental in the daily management of mechanical processes and in the solution of the problems that often accompany the work activity.

As is often the case in the Italian entrepreneurial sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, the Story of Bardassone Srl is the story of a family, a father and a son and an instinctive and innate entrepreneurial spirit, which develops and progresses, first slowly but steadily, and then, with the entry of the young son, the company quickly modernizes and turns into a company that operates with advanced technologies and with modern and efficient policies in the business, economy and finance.

Here is a short history of the Bardassone family.


Mr. Biagio Bardassone, father of Piergiulio, current owner and CEO, starts a small personal activity dedicated to polish household items and sanitary and industrial taps


Mr.Biagio transforms the company into the one still in place of Metal Turning


Entry of a partner. The company turns into Bardassone & Ceresa Sdf


The company changes from Sdf (De facto Company) into Snc (Company in collective name)


In December, the partner Mr. Carlo Ceresa leaves the company which is closed.


In January, with the entry of the son Piergiulio, the company:Bardassone Snc by Biagio and Piergiulio Bardassone is created


In January the company becomes Bardassone Srl, with Piergiulio Bardassone as CEO and sole shareholder

Piergiulio Bardassone is trained and matures work experience outside the family business. In 1996 he was hired by Leder Orago, as a sales engineer, then head of the Bureau of Technical and Production Estimates. In May 2000 he was hired by SASIB Packaging, a CIR Group company, a world leader in the design and production of food packaging lines, where he held the position of head of the purchasing office. In 2004, given the growth opportunities of the family business, he joined the company with his father and began the restructuring and modernization of the company with the sale of the old machinery and the installation of the latest generation machines for turning and milling, the implementation of a high-tech path that rewards him with great entrepreneurial satisfaction. In 2021 a new production unit, located in Valduggia (VC), will come into service to meet the growing demand of customers.